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    • Can I use the map(s) on multiple devices?

      Yes, unlike Garmin our maps are not licensed per device, they can be used on as many Garmin (or other compatible systems) as you personally own (for personal, non-commercial use). So if you own multiple Garmin devices, such as  Fenix 5X and maybe a ...
    • How do I install the map?

      Full instructions can be found here:
    • Why can't I copy a > 2GB map to a MicroSD card or Internal Storage on a Garmin device, via a Mac?

      There is a confirmed bug in MacOS High Sierra (and later) that is erroneously limiting the transfer of files larger than 2GB to devices and storage that are formatted as FAT32 (this is the only supported file system that Garmin devices support). You ...
    • Map Key (Legend)?

      For the FREE (TT STD) maps there is no map key (legend) as it uses the default icons, etc. for all generic OSM maps for Garmin devices. For the TT HD Topo, TT HD Topo Pro and 1:50K Look n Feel maps a map key/legend is supplied with the map (as a PDF ...
    • How do your maps compare to OS or other OSM based maps?

      This is covered in detail here: That page includes comparative screen shots of our maps, OS 1:50K (Landranger) maps, and a number of other OSM based maps that are available.